Electric Traditional Lamps

This impressive range of hand pierced thrown electric lamps have been my main production developed over many years. All the lamps are fully fitted with a SES fitting to take a 15 watt clear pygmy bulb. This small bulb when lit shows the wonderful reflective patterns on surrounding surfaces creating a warm atmosphere within the home. The lamps are finished in a semi-matt cream white glaze and fired to a high stoneware temperature. If you would like to order from this range please get in touch.

Please Note!

Whilst the Led bulbs vibrant colours work brilliantly on the new abstract range of lamps, the reflective side patterns on surrounding surfaces are not as effective as the conventional 15 watt pygmy bulb . The Led bulb is more of an up-light especially good at creating patterns on ceilings. The Led colour changing remote control bulb can bought separately with this range of lamps for a £10 charge.